Made in aluminum, we build screen enclosures over the existing pool to create a very nice enjoyable backyard area without any bugs or mosquitoes.You can also build screen enclosure in existing patio porch or deck. Screen comes depending of the usage, for stronger needs a supper screen mesh is the best with 10 years limited warranty, we also have pet screen, shade screen to protect up to 85% from the sun, Florida glass screen which is impermeable and metal screen mesh for other purposes.

Enclosing your patio can be easier if you have an existing cover because we will use an assembled aluminum frame and we will connect it in your outside room. Attention, the screen mesh will be stronger than windows screen or sliding screen door, so pay attention for contractors who use other screen that will brake in a few month

Pool and Patio Enclosures

2Fix Corp, fabricates and installs the most modern, state of the art, “one-of-a-kind”, custom pool enclosures made in the world, today. With over 18 years of experience, 2fix Corp provides innovations in design engineering and construction unparalleled in the industry. We readily accept and relish the challenge to design, build and install enclosures that other companies decline to even consider.

Commercial Aluminum Structures

We have earned a reputation throughout Florida as a premier General Contractor in aluminum walkway covers, canopies, and sun control devices. As experts in specialty aluminum construction, we hold a thorough perspective of the manufacturing and field installation with these types of projects. We have strong relationships with many of the Florida’s most esteemed architects who call upon our expertise for design support

Designed Patio Roofs

One of the most claimed patio style is The Alumawood Patio Cover that looks like a traditional wood patio cover, but provides all of the benefits of aluminum, including strength, durability, extremely low maintenance and more. With this lattice top patio cover you can reduce your exposure to the sun by 40 to 60%, while still maintaining air flow and allowing filtered light into your home’s interior.This a very attractive patio cover that complements most South Florida home styles.

Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas are built to last with heavy duty-extruded aluminum coated with a certified powder coat finish. Aluminum pergolas are engineered from the ground up to add strength while hiding unsightly fasteners and brackets commonly found on other aluminum and vinyl pergolas. The high strength decorative aluminum extrusions require no inserts inside the profiles for strength. Our aluminum pergolas are engineered to assemble in your yard, garden or on your patio and will provide lasting, low-maintenance enjoyment for you and your family for many years to come.

Aluminum vsWood

The use of metal as a roofing material has been in practice for thousands of years. The first metal roofs were made out of Aluminum, which is much more durable. Metal roofs provide a number of benefits:

Durability – While asphalt roofs may last only 10-20 years before they need replacing or maintenance, aluminuml roofs may last upward of 50 years with almost no maintenance.
Resistance to elements – Aluminum roofs are fireproof, resist hail, and shed snow easily as there is little friction between the metal and snow.
Recyclability – Aluminum roofing is often available from recycled materials, and can be recycled over and over without a reduction in strength or effectiveness. This is especially beneficial for aluminum, which is much easier to produce from recycled content than from aluminum ore (bauxite).
Design flexibility – Aluminum roofs can be easily fit to almost any shape
Energy efficiency – Coatings with high reflectivity can help save on cooling costs, especially in high-temperature areas.
Labor efficient – Aluminum roofing is easily installed and can be installed in large pieces.
Resists algae and mildew growth
Environmentally sound – does not leach petrochemicals into runoff like asphalt shingles, and can be recycled over and over.

Quality Materials

We offer quality aluminum products. Complete Line of. Aluminum & Steel Building Products. Wide range of custom colors, cuts, and heavier gauges for commercial and residential projects.

Competitive Price

A top-quality Aluminumproduct and efficient Installation service at a price you’ll love. That is what we do when we bid on a new contract to build. Call our office to start your project.

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