Aluminum Patio Designed-Roof 2

Pre-Designed aluminum structure in Parkland, FL, the cover is combined with a pergola end on 3 feet long, the system was done also with 2’x2″ purlings in between the panels for a better look. All the materials are in aluminum and the front beams are 3″ x 8″ with an interior Steel beam to prevent any flexion. All structures are engineered calculated for 167+ miles x hours.

The Alumawood Patio Cover looks like a traditional wood patio cover but provides all of the benefits of aluminum, including strength, durability, extremely low maintenance, and more. With this lattice top patio cover, you can reduce your exposure to the sun by 40 to 60%, while still maintaining airflow and allowing filtered light into your home’s interior. This is a very attractive patio cover that complements most South Florida home styles.

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